Ristorante Hotel Terme Dolomiti

Light cuisine full of flavour!

In our hotel kitchen, we aim to produce dishes that meet these criteria: delicate, digestible, delicious.

Our menu consists of traditional Venetian and Italian recipes, made with seasonal ingredients and full of typical local flavour. We also include some international dishes to please foreign guests.

Every day, from breakfast to dinner, Chefs Alessandro and Emanuele dedicate themselves to the proposal of appetizing and tasty dishes while remaining faithful to healthy cooking techniques and light condiments. We consider this approach essential to guarantee our guests to be satisfied at the end of their meal, without heaviness and having tasted all the freshness and genuineness of the ingredients.

The day starts with a healthy, balanced breakfast

Served from 8:00–10:00 a.m.

You can combine lots of different flavours, to give you a well-balanced start to the day and top up your energy levels! Our breakfast buffet selection ranges from sweet to savory, and also includes choices for those with special dietary needs.

  • Fresh milk
  • Juices, including some freshly squeezed
  • Yogurts with choice of home-made flavours
  • Home-made cakes and pastries
  • Bread and focaccia
  • Cereals
  • Fresh fruit
  • Croissants
  • Bread for toasting
  • Home-made jams
  • Selection of cold meats and cheeses
  • Breakfast for celiacs on request (with yogurt, croissants, bread, and plenty more)

Guests can also help themselves to hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea and chocolate from our self-service machines.

Colazione a Buffet Hotel Terme Dolomiti

Enjoy a healthy lunch break

Full lunch service from 12:30 p.m.

Our midday meal is designed not to weigh you down during the afternoon. The menu always includes a first course (for example pasta, and ordinary or pureed soup), a second course (with meat, fish or vegetarian option) and a large buffet of appetisers and side dishes, with cooked and raw seasonal vegetables.

Would you like an even lighter meal? Then try our light lunch!

Our Light Lunch menu is very popular during the summer, and consists of various simple or cold options such as: ham with melon, smoked swordfish with a side dish, salads made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, toasted sandwiches, mixed cold meats and much more!

Light Lunch Hotel Terme Dolomiti

Enjoy an evening aperitif with friends

Once a week, we organise a get-together for all our guests with pre-dinner aperitifs. It’s a chance to relax and get to know each other, while enjoying a chilled drink and some tasty snacks.

Dinner also consists of light, healthy but delicious dishes

Full dinner service from 7:00 p.m.

There’s also lots of flavour and variety at the evening meal, with meat, fish and vegetarian options and a large buffet of appetisers and side dishes.

We organise delightful themed evenings on special occasions during the year, such as a Crime Mystery Dinner at Halloween, or evenings dedicated to our beloved Dolomites and featuring typical Tyrolean dishes.

Buffet Pranzo Hotel Terme Dolomiti

Let's Talk about Wine and Toast Your Health!

Co-owner Anna is a qualified Sommelier and knows all the stories behind a good glass of wine, including the land of its origin and the love that went into its production. She will be happy to recommend the best combinations, based on your particular tastes.

Special dietary needs

Please let us know your dietary needs at time of booking, so we can make arrangements for your stay.

  • We offer gluten-free products for celiac sufferers
  • For those with a food allergy or intollerance, we will prepare dishes free from the relevant allergens

We will be happy to meet your needs, and ensure you have a care-free holiday full of delicious flavours.

From just € 25 per person
Dolomiti Day SPA

A day at the SPA and thermal pools with all the comforts of a hotel! We offer a «SPA Welcome Kit», a comfortable day room, and use of our restaurant service.