Piscine Hotel Terme Dolomiti
Open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (continuously)

Our thermal pools: indoor and outdoor

The thermal water in our pools is a real source of health and well-being! Rich in minerals and trace elements, this water is classified as Hyperthermal Salso-Bromo-Iodic. It originally gushes out of the ground at a temperature of about 80° C, but is then cooled and used to fill our pools at a temperature of between 32 and 35° C.

There are two interconnected thermal pools at the Hotel Terme Dolomiti: an indoor one with whirlpools and an outdoor pool. You can enter the water safely and easily by means of a platform. The warm water relaxes the muscles, dissolving built-up tensions in the body and reinvigorating the mind.

  • Outdoor pool: 16 metres long and 7 metres wide
    The depth varies from 70 cm up to 1.80 metres
  • Indoor pool: 15 metres long and 6 metres wide
    The depth varies from 70 cm up to 1.30 metres
Ingresso Piscina Hotel Terme Dolomiti

Our poolside services

Enjoy a rest on our loungers or in the outdoor solarium, and make use of our convenient private cabins to store your personal belongings, as well as the showers and changing rooms by the pool.

Do you need refreshment? Our poolside bar will be happy to serve you and prepare you a fresh, cleansing drink.

And to ensure you keep active while on holiday, you can join our twice weekly aqua-gym lessons, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. These take place in the thermal pool and are led by our qualified physiotherapist.

From just € 25 per person
Dolomiti Day SPA

A day at the SPA and thermal pools with all the comforts of a hotel! We offer a «SPA Welcome Kit», a comfortable day room, and use of our restaurant service.